Hearts on Fire Launches Mobile-enabled Ads

Hearts of Fire, a Boston-based provider of diamond rings and jewelry, has just released a new print advertisement which includes a QR barcode (see ad below - the QR barcode appears in lower left hand corner ). By scanning the QR barcode with their mobile phone, a reader will be brought to the company's website, where they can learn more about the engagement rings that are displayed in the advertisement and easily share the information with friends and family via email or social media applications. Additionally, readers who scan the code will be shown where the nearest Hearts of Fire retailer is located.

In reading about this campaign on National Jeweler, it is interesting to read through the posts/comments that people had about this campaign. Some people view the use/inclusion of a QR barcode as a promotional gimmick, others believe it makes perfect sense and is very forward thinking. Personally, I see it as the latter, but what really strikes me in reading about this campaign is what the company's VP of Marketing is quoted as saying, "We know our customers (especially our bridal customers) prefer to access information from their phone.”  This to me holds greater relevance than whether or not the company should advertise using a QR barcode. To know your customer to this level of detail is remarkable and what marketers and companies should strive towards. If technology permits a company to communicate with customers and deliver a message the way in which they wish to receive it then why not make use of the technology, enhance the experience and satisfy the customer.

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