New York's Pharmacy Teams with JAGTAG

Duane Reade, the most recognized drugstore chain in metropolitan New York, has teamed with 2D barcode developer JAGTAG to create a new interactive advertising campaign.

When you first look at the billboard you're not really sure who the ad represents or what product the ad is for but then, as you read through the copy underneath the JAGTAG 2D barcode, you realize that this is an ad for Duane Reade and a promotion for store coupons. The way the ad works is that you take a picture of the billboard with a mobile phone and then text or email the picture to the designated number or email address which is listed in the ad. Once the picture is sent, a reply message instantly appears on your mobile phone which includes store coupons.

Recently, Duane Reade underwent a brand makeover, totally revising its logo, color palette, POS materials, signage, store layout and design, rewards club program, etc., to present an image that is upscale, fresh, clean and modern. To create an interactive ad campaign like this supports the notion that the Duane Reade of today is not your grandmother's drugstore. 

Something else worth noting about the ad is the lack of promotional copy or imagery. Most of the ad's real estate is used to hold the JAGTAG 2D barcode image and explain how to make use of it. Duane Reade, and JAGTAG for that matter, is smart to do this, because they know that 2D and QR barcodes are still new to the majority of U.S. consumers.

A little information about JAGTAG. Unlike other mobile 2D or QR barcodes, JAGTAG is the only 2D barcode solution that does not require the consumer to download an application prior to use and the only mobile medium that can successfully deliver optimized multimedia to both standard phones and smart phones. Anywhere a mobile consumer encounters a JAGTAG, they can use their phone to request and receive multimedia content (video, audio, pictures, text) sent immediately to their phone.

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