New 2D Barcode Generator

Kerem Erkan, a network and server security professional who lives in Turkey, and who has been working with 2D barcodes since 2006, has built his own 2D barcode generator. Written in PHP, Kerem's application can currently generate QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec Code and Micro QR Code. Whereas most other generators only offer the ability to create a code for URLs, text, phone number and SMS content, Kerem's generator offers the following:
  • Browse to a website
  • Bookmark a website
  • Phone call
  • Send a short message
  • Send an e-mail
  • Create a vCard (v2.1 or v3.0) with coordinates
  • Create a meCard
  • Create a vCalendar event
  • Open location coordinates in Google Maps
  • Create market:// URLs for searching for publishers or packages on Market app for Android
  • Create special youtube:// URLs for YouTube app on iPhone
  • Fetch and encode the latest tweet of a Twitter user
  • Create a mobile URL to tweet on Twitter
  • Create a mobile URL to update your Facebook status
  • Read plain or free formatted text on your device
Using Kerem's generator, you can  make adjustments to the block size of the generated image to make it bigger or smaller, and you can also control the foreground and background colors. 

For someone who prefers to use open source code and write his own, clearly Kerem has done his homework when it comes to creating this 2D barcode generator. To learn more about Kerem click here or scan the code below.

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