ShotCode Barcodes

Here's another type of 2D barcode called ShotCode.

Based in the Netherlands, ShotCode has been active in the mobile tagging space since 2003, and has worked for companies which include: Coca Cola, Heineken, Xbox, Nike, Volkswagen, Monsterboard and Jameson Whiskey. Currently, the company supports over 360 compatible phone models and ShotCodes have been printed on tens of millions of offline materials.

ShotCode is a circular barcode that uses a dartboard-like circle, with a bullseye in the center and datacircles surrounding it. The technology reads databits from these datacircles by measuring the angle and distance from the bullseye for each. ShotCodes are designed to be read with a regular or mobile camera without the need to purchase other specialized hardware. Other than a difference in appearance, ShotCodes differ from the popular QR and Data Matrix barcodes in that they do not store regular data, instead they store a look-up number. This look-up number links to a server that holds information regarding a mapped URL which the reading device (i.e., mobile phone) can then connect to in order to download the said data. The software used to read a ShotCode captured by a mobile phone camera is called "ShotReader."

ShotCode is the only circular barcode in the market and is priced based on the amount of ShotCodes you use, not how many times they are scanned or downloaded.

About two years ago, another Netherlands-based company called W-41 created a line of T-shirts which feature ShotCodes.

The idea here is that the owner of the W-41 T-shirt can program the barcode to correlate with their Facebook page, Twitter page, personal blog, etc., so people who wish to scan the code can then learn more about the person wearing the T-shirt. When one of the founders of W-41 gave a presentation at Luxury Interactive last spring, many in the audience were left scratching their heads as to the real need, value or merit for a product such as this.  

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