2D Barcode Icons

As the Internet has evolved over the past 10-20 years, so too has the use and sophistication of icons. Not formal brand icons or corporate logos, but more simplified icons like the ones below, which have come to represent a particular website or software application.

Within the 2D barcode space, I have seen icons being used in conjunction with a 2D code and sometimes a few lines of descriptive text (e.g., the Microsoft "Snap It" icon, below), and wonder if the 2D barcode industry will settle on a common or universal icon, similar to what has recently developed with the "iPhone app store" icon, or will individual icons continue to be developed and used to represent the company that is behind the code (i.e., Microsoft, ScanLife, JAGTAG, BeeTag, SPARQCode, TAPPINN, etc.).

If 2D barcode companies continue to develop and make use of individual icons will this be a positive or negative towards consumer/user education, adoption and acceptance? Your thoughts?

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