Leading Golf Publication uses JAGTAG

To promote the 17th Annual Cancer for College Golf Classic, Golf Magazine has launched a new print advertisement, which features a JAGTAG barcode. Scanning the code brings the reader to a video, which features actor/comedian Will Ferrell and, from there, the reader can go to a contest entry form, the winner of which gets to play in the Golf Classic.

In the middle of the JAGTAG is a silhouette of a golfer, and this is how JAGTAG "brands" the code. Having seen a couple of other JAGTAG codes that have similar silhouettes, I wonder if this is the only way that the company can brand a code, or can they place a corporate logo in the code and or use corporate colors.


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    "Scanning the code brings the reader to a video..."

    AFTER they punch in a shortcode or email, right?

    Essentially, it's a visual "keyword" that's tied to an MMS delivery port (the video comes back @ ya)...

    I like how JAGTAG are a bridge to User Adoption of real Tags and Readers. But, someday they'll have to discuss how they plan to remain relevant? Who will JAGTAG be in 2011 when 95% of those who engage with Tags have multiple Tag Readers?

    Not to berate JAGTAG, but, they really are no different than Spyderlynk are they? Maybe having an MMS Gateway is the difference? Spyderlynk really cover the semi-Tag with Brand identity/logo w/tag(of sorts) offering quite well.

    I don't see any reason that a JAGTAG couldn't have colour or a logo inserted since the data space is elsewhere (like Spyderlynk). I suspect it's a JAGTAG mandate to include a silhouette/abstract element to appear as if it's more technically advanced than it actually is.

    If JAGTAG would just talk about how they see themselves in the future, I wouldn't be so suspect of them. Do they have a plan to remain a relevant platform beyond "everyone can access our platform, especially those who never will."?

    But, bless them, they're scoring some nice high profile gigs and making money today. Maybe they've got some tricks up their sleeves for the future and just aren't telling?

    Off topic, but, can't any QR Code be read Server-side without a Reader (via email or MMS)? Giving you JAGTAG/SPYDERLYNK reach plus Reader option? Why aren't we seeing more of that kind of effort?

  2. Roger - Thanks for the post. We love doing video for Will Farrell because he makes Q & A of all the video go by really fast when we are laughing so hard. In reference to your comment, we can put the JAGTAG in any color as log as it is a positive color on a negative background, for example red dots on a pink background works. We have done a number of treated codes and can not only incorperate the brand icons within the code but also in the rule that surrounds the code. Here is an example of what we did with Lindeman's on their creative: http://www.jagtag.com/content/store-2d-barcode-campaign-lindemans-wine-shopping-clickz-news

    All the best,