NY Isles to use QR Codes

The New York Islanders are now the second National Hockey League team of which I am aware to make use of QR codes for marketing and promotional purposes (the Detroit Red Wings is the first). According to a recent press release, as the 2010-2011 season begins, the Islanders will display QR codes in print ads, on web pages and as social media avatars to get fans involved in events, contests and other team promotions.

The press release does a great job explaining QR codes to fans and informing them of how and where to download a smart phone reader app. In addition, the release mentions how fans without smart phones can still participate in the upcoming contests, events and promotions by taking a picture of the QR code and texting or emailing the image to the team's Facebook page. From there, a member of the Islander's social media team will then respond with more information.

From a 2D barcode best practice perspective, the Islanders' marketing department scores a hat trick and shows organizations--sports-related or otherwise--how to properly launch a 2D barcode strategy/campaign. Now, if only the rest of the team can do some serious scoring this season, perhaps we can see the Islanders in post-season play (sorry for the rant; it comes from a long-time Islanders fan who sorely misses the years when the Cup was won).

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