Architectural Digest uses Microsoft Tags

The September issue of Architectural Digest features a number of editorially placed Microsoft Tags. Similar to what has been seen in other publications, Tags have been placed next to certain products and articles throughout the magazine, and they resolve to provide readers with additional product information, product videos and how-to videos.

Architectural Digest Microsoft Tag
As shown in the example to the left, the Tag has been branded with an AD logo, which stands for the magazine's title. In the front of the magazine is a section that thoroughly explains the campaign and describes what Tags are to the readers, as well as where to get a Tag reader app and how Tags are to be scanned with a smart phone.

Although I have not scanned each and every Tag in the issue, from an overall perspective, I believe this campaign has been well executed by the publisher. My only comment is that if a reader does not see the section in the beginning of the magazine which explains the Tags and the campaign, and happens to come across a Tag later on the in the magazine, then an opportunity might be lost to have the Tag scanned. To get around this, explanations and instructions should be given with each Tag, but from a design and space perspective this might not always work. So, it becomes a balancing act that any company may have to contend with.

As an aside, Architectural Digest is a Conde Nast publication and, if you have noticed, there have been a number of other Conde Nast magazines that have made use of Tags recently. The reason for this is, because when Microsoft Tag was launched, the company purposely targeted publications believing they could get a great deal of exposure for Tags while, at the same time, being able to provide the magazines with a value-add service that they in turn could offer their advertisers. Not knowing scan rates, reader app download rates, etc., it is hard to really know how successful any of the Conde Nast campaigns have been, but I have been told by someone at Microsoft that numbers may be coming out soon. Will keep you posted.

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