Microsoft Tags Found in Road & Track

Customized Microsoft Tags (see below) can be found in the August issue of Road & Track magazine. The Tags have been placed next to certain articles throughout the magazine and, when they are scanned with a smartphone, they bring the reader to a high quality video, which is related to the subject of the article. By providing instant access to these videos, which were previously only available on the company's main website,  Road & Track is able to add value and enhance the overall customer experience, which is a goal of most any organization, publishing or otherwise. Additionally, through the use of Tags, Road & Track becomes one of the first publications in the automotive space to bring this technology to its readership.

While I can understand Road &  Track's interest in customizing the Tag with a steering wheel, why not make it that much more intuitive and use the silhouette of an automobile. And, if the company is wanting to customize their 2D barcode, why not go one step further and have it branded altogether with the company's logo and or corporate colors. Just a thought.

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  1. ed carrollAugust 04, 2010

    Where does everyone see QR going... Is this going to be mass adoption? Is it going to make traditional media more engaging and therefore more productive and trackable? Seems like there is a great deal of opportunity to make mass more personalized once Smart phones break the 50% user level.