Atomic Skis uses Microsoft Tag

Atomic Skis has this print ad running, which features a Microsoft Tag. Scan the Tag and it resolves to a video.

Atomic Microsoft Tag
With no other instructions than "Watch the video now on your phone" and a call to action that is not very enticing, I am hard pressed to know how many people will actually scan the code. In viewing the overall creative, my guess is that the 2D element was not incorporated into the creative process until the very end. For a sport that is known for its radical products and image, it would have been fun to see how "radical" the Atomic marketing and creative team could have gotten with a 2D-based advertisement.

With all of that aside, I wonder if Atomic makes use of 2D for other promotions and channels. For instance, at the ski events, ski locations and or sponsorships that the company gets involved with are any 2D codes used? My thought, they should be and could be if some creative effort were applied, but aren't. While there are some companies that do use 2D across channels, mediums, platforms, etc., the vast majority do not and I believe this becomes more of a disadvantage than any kind advantage, especially if it's all about consumer engagement, interaction, story telling, value, etc., which it should be.


  1. One can only hope that Brands will drop by here every now and then to see what campaigns have executed and consider how they could improve going forward. Though, I don't see this blog indexed in Search for "qr campaigns" or "failed qr campaigns."

    The concept of extending QR/2D across multiple channels is perfect for a Brand like Atomic. "Events" offer QR/2D an opportunity to get in on the "Location" buzz that's circling around the Foursquare's, Gowalla's and Places.

    QR/2D offers the ability for Location Based engagement that's private, between the Brand and Consumer, without the privacy and security issues that come into play when you bring Twitter and Facebook into the mix.

    QR/2D "on location" offer the Brand the ability to engage with some contextual awareness of the consumer. If used properly, it should be very valuable. Of course, there's that "If" word in there.

  2. Anonymous: Could not agree with you more re: code location usage. I can try to work on the SEO for terms that you suggest, but suffice it to say that of the many CMOs that I have tried to contact to discuss the campaigns mentioned on the blog maybe three or four have ever gotten back to me, which is a shame.

  3. In the past few weeks I have seen more and more Bus Shelter ads using 2d Barcodes. Maynards Candy as an example.