Kellogg's Special K Gets Fit with Microsoft Tag

Coming to a supermarket near you...boxes of Kellogg's Special K cereal, which feature a Microsoft Tag. On the back panel of the box, in the lower left hand corner, is a Tag which is accompanied by a block of copy that thoroughly explains the code.

Kellogg's Special K Microsoft Tag

What's different about this campaign is that it is co-branded with Lucky Magazine. Here's how it works...when the Tag is scanned it resolves to a video that shows Lucky Magazine editor at large Elise Loehnen talking about finding figure-flattering jeans. This ties in directly with the company's "Jeans Don't Lie"  campaign, because the premise of the campaign is that by eating Special K for two weeks a person can drop a jean size.

Kellogg's does a great job explaining the code and providing instructions on how to scan the code. Also, the placement of the Tag, the associated copy and the Lucky Magazine logo all work well with the main creative on the back panel. This was not an after thought. 

To date, I have yet to see any co-branded 2D campaigns like this one, but it's my belief that more are on the way. To co-brand a 2D campaign should be no different than co-branding a traditional campaign. When done correctly, as it is here, the customer experience can be truly enhanced and both/all brands can win.


  1. Microsoft Tag continue to impress in terms of market saturation (they have "gone large" this summer since coming out of Beta); clearly defined ease of entry for Users, as well as technical capability (if you don't mind a proprietary Reader their tags work close to 100% of the time) -- and in terms of their Creative across cohesive print-to-mobile experiences.

    This is Microsoft Tag's second time out on cereal boxes (Wheaties was first). It's an ideal space to work with and the prospects on cereal boxes (especially for kids) are enormous.

    Who'd have thought Microsoft would be setting benchmarks in this space?

  2. I appreciate the partnership here and the emphasis on the content. I also like how Roger keeps pointing us towards where the customer is left at the end of the experience. However, there is a major content issue with this campaign in that the 2:19 video stalled often on my iPhone 4G with Wi-Fi connection, took about 30 sec of black screen to start up, and about 4 min. to play through. Plus the video didn't ref. back to the cereal's campaign. Yes, you are left with an option to subscribe to Lucky, but not much more. I think there could be more action items we are left with like see more vids, shop for the jeans I saw, and send my jeans insights vid to Lucky.