New LinkedIn Group

In writing about 2D barcode use and strategy, I have noticed, and others have mentioned, that there is no forum for individuals who are specifically and directly responsible for the strategic marketing and creative services aspects of 2D/QR to easily find one another and network, as well as to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, best practices, etc. For this reason, I have created and will moderate a new LinkedIn group called 2D/QR Strategy and Creative.

While much has been written here and on other blogs and websites about 2D/QR, what eludes us is commentary from those who are actually calling the shots and allocating the resources to develop 2D/QR campaigns. This, then, is the goal of the group - to get marketing and creative leaders who are branching out into this technology to start talking about it more openly. Not that we all want to know the latest scan rates but, at a minimum, the strategy and thought process behind the ad, campaign or program.

Should you have any comments, suggestions or wish to start a discussion, by all means please join the group on LinkedIn and do so. Thank you.

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