NYC Department of Sanitation Revisited

A couple of month's ago, the New York City Department of Sanitation started to display QR codes on the sides of its sanitation trucks, and the story was much talked and Twittered about online (read article). Well, that did not last too long. Walking around the city the past few days, I have noticed that all of the QR code signs have been removed from the trucks and, as I see this, I am left wondering how many taxpayer dollars went into this failed campaign.

I'm not certain who may have been behind the QR code signs, but if this creative person or team did their homework they would have known that a 2D barcode does not really work well on a moving object like a sanitation truck and, more importantly, to have a code without any kind of meaningful call to action results in very little.

Since first spotting the sanitation department's 2D campaign, I have noticed other New York City departments making use of QR codes. Curious to know the scan rates and whether or not strategic objectives are being met.

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  1. I agree with you on this one as when I read it I had these visions of people chasing garbage trucks to scan with their phones:) Location is everything.