QR Codes at POS

Verizon, in collaboration with ScanLife, has created a very useful and functional point of sale (POS) display, which is based on QR codes.

Verizon ScanLife QR Code Place Mat

The "Power Up Your Droid" place mat (shown above) features 12 different Droid apps, each of which can be downloaded to a smartphone by scanning the corresponding QR code. It doesn't get much simpler than that, but as great of an idea as this is, I was surprised to see so little attention given to it in the store. I could have very easily missed the place mat, because it was hidden under a pile of paperwork and equipment on the counter top. Verizon should have thought to make these bigger and or self-standing.

From a pure strategic perspective, this POS display is similar to the Ford advertisement that was reviewed yesterday. No real product or company information is being offered, just a value-add (i.e., a free and easy way to download smartphone apps), which makes for a positive customer engagement. I wonder if this is part of a larger campaign in that from month-to-month, for example, the apps on the place mat change.

In the future, I am most certain we will see more and more 2D barcode-based POS place mats, posters, billboards, kiosks, shelf talkers and the like in retail settings.


  1. T-Mobile are doing similar QR to App download campaigns in some of the customer magazines and those appear to be successful.

    I have to think that the DROID display here is more of an ad for DROIDs than something intended to generate actual "get your App here" scans and traffic? i.e. More of a DROID Brand recognition and "if you have a DROID you can do cool things..." type of effort. Basically, using QR Tags to reinforce the techie-coolness of a DROID?

    Let's face it, DROID owners are tech savvy and doing their App shopping directly, not randomly from a placemat. I think this is just general DROID brand recognition efforts to the general public.

    Regardless, it's getting QR Tags into the public consciousness. But, it's also positioning them as "practical" rather than exciting or leading to great value. It's not particularly "special" since people who get Apps are aware of the standard process for searching and downloading.

  2. Anonymous: I have not spoken with people at Verizon or ScanLife to determine the real objective of the POS place mat. The only point I was trying to make is that the content of the place mat has little to do with Verizon products or the company itself directly and more to do with enhancing the overall customer experience.

  3. I was in a Verizon Store in Ocean Township, NJ recently. The Verizon sales person indicated to me that their sales force is currently being trained in how to use QR Codes and how to promote their use to their Verizon customer base...

  4. I do not understand why Scanbuy is credited. This a Google product and scanner referenced and Android has long had QR Codes for every Android app for donwloading in the Android Marketplace.

  5. Anonymous: I spoke with someone at ScanLife about these place mats and he indicated to me that they were behind the creative. He even sent the image file of the place mat for me to post. Maybe it is a co-branded piece of collateral??

  6. How is this different from microsoft tags?

    Which one could be the future?

  7. Anonymous: Not sure I understand your question about Tags? With respect to which one could be the future I believe it's anyone's guess at this point.