Electronic Arts uses QR Code

Electronic Arts, the producer of video games, is now using QR codes on some billboards to promote its latest game, Medal of Honor. This one was spotted at a bus stop shelter in New York.

With no instructions other than "Scan for Tier 1 Video," how many people will really know what to do? Granted, EA's customers are probably more tech savvy than most, and may already know about 2D barcodes, but why make that assumption. Why not cast a wider net and let as many people as possible enjoy and take advantage of the interactive experience. Adding descriptive copy could help here, but I suppose the creative team did not want to ruin the overall look of the billboard.

In regard to the code, once scanned, the reader is shown a 30-45 second trailer for the game, but that's it. No real incentive is offered for someone to learn more about the game and possibly make a purchase. In an instance like this, I believe it is perfect for offering an mCoupon, or even to have some sort of contest where the winner either gets the next edition of the game for free, a certain dollar amount in EA game software, or even a trip to visit a real U.S. Army Special Operations base here in the U.S. (the game is based on Spec Ops).

With incentives and offers galore in direct mail, email, banner ads, landing pages, etc., why not with 2D ads?

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