The Lion King uses QR Code

Broadway musical, The Lion King, is currently running this three-page advertisement, which features a QR Code. It's a good thing I already saw the musical and loved it, because this 2D campaign did not win me over.

Lion King QR Code

The first page of the advertisement (see image above) features the QR code and, on the page, the only text that appears reads, "See For Yourself." There is no description of the code, as well as no explanation on how to "see it." On the second and third page (see image below), there are images from the play and some promotional copy, but sill no information about the QR code.

Lion King QR Code 1

The code resolves to a video sneak peek (trailer). When I tried to play the sneak peek, I got an error message saying that I was unable to view the video. After flipping pages, I realized I had to log into my Google or You Tube account in order to view the sneak peek. Once logged in, I then went back to the original resolve page and played the sneak peek. The sneak peek play time was listed at 1:53 but, with buffering, the video actually took at least twice as long to play. The result, a less, much less, than optimal viewing experience.

So, now what? Although the sneak peek page offers a "share" button, which is good to see, I really don't feel like sharing my experience with others, because it was so terrible. Why should I make a friend go through the same disappointing experience? That aside, say I watched the sneak peek and the video went perfectly well, then what. How is The Lion King moving me, or others, along the purchase decision process? What about offering discounted tickets? What about discounted hotel accommodations? What about a soundtrack CD? Etc., etc.

As a Disney production, it is surprising to see a campaign like this from such a marketing powerhouse. The creative is great, the execution, however, is less so. A simple reconstituted video scan resolve does not a 2D barcode campaign make. The entire campaign needs to be thought out, from end to end and, more than anything else, tested to ensue that all moving parts operate flawlessly.

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  1. And, nothing about the whole experience seemed "quick" either. QR is supposed to stand for quick response, but when it is not quick, then the whole concept goes down the drain.