New QR Code Generators

Within the past few days, a couple of new QR code generators have come on to the scene, and maybe you have heard of the companies behind them: Google and Firefox.

Google's QR code generator really starts out being a URL shortener, but through the service a person can also easily create a QR code. Once created, metrics can be tracked on the code, which include: number of clicks/scans, traffic sources, country and browser type. With respect to the Firefox QR code generator, I was able to download the application as an add-on but, after several attempts, was unable to launch the application. So, unfortunately, I cannot report much further on what this service offers. (Should anyone care to offer comments please do.)

With Google and Firefox now on board with QR codes, I believe this serves as an indication that 1) 2D barcodes have a place in the U.S. market, and 2) QR codes will be the predominant 2D barcode type that is used, as opposed to the more proprietary ones.


  1. I sure hope that a standard of some kind will happen- so it doesn't fragment all over the place. Now it is time for a QRmeme site

  2. Steven: Thank you for commenting...I have been hoping that this blog would become a sort of QRmeme site.