Neiman Marcus uses QR Code

Neiman Marcus ran this half-page advertisement in The New York Times to promote its new iPhone app. The QR code in the advertisement is generated by ScanLife and, when scanned, the reader is directed to the page on the iPhone App Store where the app can be downloaded.

Neiman Marcus QR Code1

We have seen other companies and websites offer apps via 2D codes, but I wonder why Neiman Marcus only chooses to develop an iPhone app and not one for Android, or others. Does the company believe that this type of segmentation represents or plays to their clientele?

With respect to the code itself, Neiman Marcus does a good job explaining the code, how to scan it and where a reader app can be located and downloaded.

Neiman Marcus QR Code

While there is nothing terribly exciting about this campaign and its use of 2D, I believe the company could have developed something a bit more interesting, unique, alluring and or valuable to consumers. Also, I wonder if the company has point of sale signs throughout their stores displaying this particular code, so that in-store shoppers can download the app.


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