Time Magazine uses QR Code

Time magazine is currently running this advertisement for its new Android app. Pretty straightforward advertisement, that is, until the reader tries to make good on the QR code. Time does a fine job informing the reader where to locate and download the app itself but, for some reason, the company does not feel the need to inform or help the reader learn about and make use of the QR code.

Time QR Code

In situations like this, of which there are plenty, I am left wondering what the advertiser either assumes about its audience, is trying to accomplish, or both. It's almost like saying to a consumer, "here's a computer that can bring you to the wonder of the Internet, but I'll let you figure out how to turn it on and locate a browser." With just a few more words, Time could have quickly and easily explained the 2D code and where to locate a reader app. Maybe it's just a matter of companies being of the mindset that anyone who has a smartphone is knowledgeable of 2 barcodes, therefore, the need to educate is non existent. Pretty big assumption if you ask me.

Time QR Code 1

Also, if the company is interested in building its readership, on- or off-line, which I assume it is, why not tack on something to the code resolve that helps in that regard. The app is a fine item to offer, but what then? Is a reader going to tell 1,3,10 friends about the app or Time? Highly unlikely, but if the reader got an offer for another product/service from the company, maybe at a discount or even for free, perhaps.

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