American Eagle uses QR Code

American Eagle has launched a new holiday promotional campaign, which features a QR Code. When the QR Code is scanned, the reader will receive promotional codes enabling them to save 15% off purchases made before December 24th.

American Eagle

Three items worth noting about this campaign. First, where and or what is the call to action? All the billboard lists are store locations in the New York City area, a website URL and the QR Code itself. Does the company believe that the code in and of itself can serve as a call to action? Second, why doesn't the company feel the need to list a code description and or instructions to scan? Does American Eagle assume that its target market of teenagers is so tech savvy that a description and or instructions are simply not needed? Third, why does the company alienate non-smart phone users by not listing another method by which the 15% discount can be delivered/offered (i.e., text message)?

American Eagle

However simplistic the offering of a purchase discount may be via the QR Code, I wonder if the company could have gone a bit further down the value proposition path. Knowing that most every other retailer will be offering purchase discounts during the holiday season, and some of them quite sizable, how does 15% compare or, more importantly, stand out and differentiate?

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  1. I agree. I feel that they fell short of delivering a simple user experience. Leaving no call to action about the savings, direction on how to interact with the 2d code and as you said an alternate means for non-smartphone users.

    I'm having conversations everyday with clients that are jumping to QR codes but not even understanding why or the benefit or the lack of reach it offers. It mainly comes down to "they want to be "innovative"". Sometimes I think they don't even know what that means.

    I'd say most teenagers have seen a QR code but that still doesn't warrant no explanation. I'd also like to call out that when you scan the coupon, it takes you to a non-mobile optimized site that is basically the same creative with an explanation of the deal in very small font. It's a horrible experience.

    So in essence, they went to use a new innovative technology but not once thought of how the users experience would turn out. As a mobile marketer im not surprised. As a consumer, I'd be frustrated and expect a mobile friendly experience if you're engaging me with my phone.

    Result: Mobile FAIL