Kudos to Canon

Canon, the electronics manufacturer, gets 2D. Currently, the company is running a print campaign called "Service and Support" to promote their 100% U.S.-based support offering and, featured in the advertisement, is a Microsoft Tag.

Canon Microsoft Tag

How or why other companies cannot execute a 2D campaign like this I haven't a clue. Let's take a closer look and see what makes this a great 2D campaign.
  1. The print advertisement's imagery and copy is done well. Nothing fancy, simple and to the point.
  2. The Tag's call to action fully supports the "Service and Support" campaign theme, and its positioning is great, right next to the company's logo.
  3. The Tag's scan resolve links to a mobile website, not the company's regular website, which is the way it should be.
  4. The mobile site offers a variety of service and support information that consumers would find of use and value. Canon, unlike many other electronic manufacturers, understands that value need not always come from or through the product, but that it can come from or through the service and support that is offered.
  5. The video that is linked to the mobile site is less than one minute long and runs flawlessly.
  6. Canon provides a 1-800 telephone number and URL address for those who may not be able or want to scan the code. No one's left behind.
  7. Canon provides readers with instructions on where to find and download a reader app. 
Canon Microsoft Tag 1

Reviewing this 2D advertisement is like a breath of fresh air. Canon simply gets it right from start to finish and, because of this, it is easy to tell that the company thoroughly thought about this advertisement with 2D in mind from the onset.

Bravo Zulu!


  1. only thing I'm concerned about is the mobile site is not very engaging. i think it's great that they executed a solid plan, but i have to admit that when i scanned the tag, i was expecting a more colorful mobile site.. hey, you can't have everything right.

  2. Jay: Thank you for commenting. I am not sure if engaging and colorful necessarily need to go hand in hand, but in regard to what the campaign is about, that being support and service, I believe the site is very appropriate and covers all of the bases.

  3. I think the landing layout is good. Its interactive enough to have relevancy but I think you should be driving toward creating a community of followers and have some deeper engagement from your consumers rather than just a one way transfer of information.

  4. A: Yes, I agree, a community of followers makes sense and, perhaps, Canon could have gone a bit further with the campaign. But, to know how abominable tech and customer support is within the electronics industry, in this country, this campaign is miles ahead of the competition and goes great lengths to enhance the customer experience. I guess a question I could have asked is, how else is Canon promoting its U.S. based service team/offering. What cross channel promotions are taking place to raise overall awareness and thus, possibly build a greater community.

  5. Hi Roger, good questions and, though this is a good campaign example for Canon, the bigger picture is them incorporating 2-D technology into their product offering. They are a brand that is firmly positioned as a bit of a premium but also as a leader in the spaces they play in. The introduction and inclusion of 2-D tagging is very on-brand with that. These tags got their start for Canon in-store, on their products to assist their prospective customers as they were closest to the point of highest consideration. Go to a BestBuy and you will find their printers and many other products sporting an MS Tag that will take you to a product-specific, device-optimized landing page with access to video, specs, features, and BazaarVoice ratings and reviews. Lots planned for the future but they definitely are cultivating a community to be aware of the opportunity to access experiences upon a scan. Keep up the good work and thanks for the Bravo Zulu on this one-

  6. Dave: Thank you for the comment and additional information. Would like to discuss further with you off-line. Please contact me at roger[at]2dbarcodestrategy[dot]com.