SAS uses QR Code

SAS, the business analytics software and services company, has launched this print advertisement, which features a QR Code, and is one of only a handful of 2D business-to-business campaigns that I have found on the market.

When the code is scanned, the reader is shown a two minute video, which amounts to nothing more than two minutes of fancy digital imagery and self-promotion. Also, at the end of the video, the reader is left or prompted to go nowhere. Nowhere to link back to. Nowhere to link forward to. Nowhere to share content. Nowhere to like content. Nowhere.


For a company like SAS, this campaign surprises me. To be in the research and analysis business, as SAS is, one might believe they (and their agency if one was used) would have researched and analyzed the use and best practice of 2D technology before applying it to a promotional campaign. A self-promotional video is not best practice, nor is a stand alone video. Where or what's the value to a prospective client? How has the prospect's experience with the company/brand been enhanced? What's really motivating a prospect to move that much further in the sales cycle?     


In the copy attached to the QR Code (see image above), why is the call to action an "or" statement? Scan the code or visit the website. One has nothing to do with the other. Also, from a pure advertising perspective, why bury the call to action at the very bottom of the page. Here again, it seems as though 2D was not central in the planning and development of the advertisement, as it should have been.

Yes, there are differences between B2B marketing and B2C marketing, but with many of the fundamentals, especially as they relate to 2D, they are the same.

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