Antiques.com uses QR Code

To see the diversity of industries or market segments that are making use of 2D technology, look no further than this print advertisement from Antiques.com. While many of us may view the antiques business as staid and not very tech oriented, here Antiques.com makes use of technology and promotes the fact front and center. By scanning the QR Code in the advertisement, a reader can download the company's Android mobile app, which enables antique collectors and enthusiasts to search for and find antiques on-line.

A few things worth mentioning here. First, Antiques.com does a great job informing readers about the app and how it can be downloaded either from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code. Second, the company does a fine job communicating when the iPhone version of the app will be available. Third, not only does Antiques.com position this advertisement to the end collector or enthusiast, but it is also positioned to speak to vendors, those who have antiques to sell. Fourth, when you go to the company's website, there is a page that has information about the app, as well. From this page, the reader can also scan a QR Code to download the app. Great to see the company integrate the message and the offer.

The only bit of information that is missing from the advertisement is information about where to locate and download a QR Code reader app. Why companies leave this critical and helpful piece of information out of their advertisements I simply don't know. May be they don't include this information, because they either 1) don't realize that smartphones don't all come with a code reader pre-loaded, or 2) they do not know which code reader app to mention or feature in the advertisement. For 2D campaigns to work and be successful, this a very necessary element to the campaign. Advertisers must/should include information about a code reader app in the code description/instructions. Advertisers cannot and should not make the assumption that all smartphone owners know where to go or what to download, as it relates to a code reader app.   

 2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

(Thank you, Robyn)

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