Columbia uses QR Code

A few weeks ago, I ordered a holiday gift from Columbia, the outdoor sportswear company. When I received the box in the mail, much to my surprise, there was a QR Code on it. Before explaining and commenting on the code scan resolve, let me give a little background on Columbia's shipping program.

When you order product from Columbia on-line, during the checkout process, you are asked if you want to have your purchase shipped in a box that has already be used or if you want a brand new box. I opted for a used box.

As you can see on the label, the idea is to have the box used over and over again, and when the QR Code is scanned it resolves to a contact form page that lets a customer enter their zip code and tell how they found the box. Once the information is entered, the customer can touch a "Track It" button and find out just where the box has traveled. Much like the "Where's George?" idea several years ago, which tracked the location of $1 bills, this adds a bit of fun to receiving the box in the mail. It also is a clever way for the company to show its support of the environment.

A couple of other items worth mentioning about the "A Box Life" campaign. First, the mobile website that the code resolves to is very simple and straightforward. On the site, there is a link to Twitter, in case a customer wishes to tweet the location of the box or track a box. Also, there is an "About Us" button which, when touched, links to a page that provides some background on the "A Box Life" campaign, as well as what a QR Code is. Included in the QR Code description is a link to two code reader apps, NeoReader and i-nigma. Lastly, there is a "Full Site" button, which leads to a micro site focused on the campaign and which provides even more background.

All in all, this campaign is purely value add, as well as truly engaging. Additionally, it gets both consumer and company involved with being environmentally responsible.

Great idea.

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  1. It's nice you mention this.

    Columbia has had a reputation over the years for being a rather dull company.

    Whatever changes they've made in the past year have been exceptional with regard to their marketing and advertising.

    Columbia is actually "getting it." And, the teams they are using are "getting it right." Whether that's internet video advertising or QR.

    It's nice to see a company re-invent themselves and become relevant all over again.