SAS Revisted

This 2D-based print advertising campaign is one that I simply do not understand.

SAS, the business analytics software and services company, is at it again. Last month, they placed an advertisement in Bloomberg Businessweek (the top image below) and, this month, I spotted the same advertisement, plus one more, in Harvard Business Review. The two full-page advertisements, both of which feature a QR Code, are placed one right after another in the publication.

What I don't understand about this campaign, from a strategic 2D barcode perspective is, why are the two QR Code scan resolves the exact same? What point does this serve?

As if it isn't enough that SAS wants to waste a prospect's valuable time asking them to watch a self-promotional corporate video for 2.12 minutes, the company is also asking the prospect to take the time to read two advertisements and scan two QR Codes only to end up in the exact same place (i.e., the video).

Similar to what was said in my review last month, there is nothing of value being offered to the prospect in this campaign. Additionally, SAS is doing nothing to have a prospect qualify him or herself for future contact, which is the goal of B2B marketing/advertising, is it not.

Time and time again, we see 2D campaigns fall short, way short, of delivering a superior user/customer experience (read value, relevance, meaningfulness), and the longer that trend continues the longer it will take for 2D technology to enter the mainstream and be accepted by business clients and individual consumers alike.

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