2D Barcode Tipping Point

With two weeks to go until Super Bowl XLV, are we also two weeks away from realizing the 2D barcode tipping point: the point when 2D barcodes enter the mainstream?

Over the next couple of weeks, and during the Super Bowl itself, Americans by the tens of millions will be exposed to new and different television commercials and print advertisements that are centered around or based on the game/event and, perhaps, this becomes the perfect opportunity or catalyst for an advertiser to launch a 2D barcode campaign, the likes of which the consuming public has yet to see.

In speaking with people in the 2D industry about the idea of a tipping point, some believe it can only be achieved around an event on the scale and scope of Super Bowl, while others believe it will take something altogether different to move 2D barcodes into the mainstream.

What are your thoughts? Do we see the tipping point in the next couple of weeks? Personally, I do not believe we will see a major 2D barcode advertisement leading up to or during the Super Bowl, but how great if it actually happened.

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