PSFK Releases Future of Mobile Tagging Report

PSFK, a New York City based trends research and innovation company, recently published Future of Mobile Tagging, which is the latest in their series of "Future of" reports.

The 95-page report is broken down into five sections. The first four sections (Awareness, Information Gathering, Action/Purchase and Post Purchase) each provide a number of real world examples of how companies and organizations are using mobile tags within the category topic. The fifth section, How To, provides an introduction on tagging uses and benefits, and information about reporting and measurement, custom tag marketing execution showcase and steps to get started.       

In addition to the real world examples, the report also provides commentary from a number of people in the field, such as Patrick Donnelly, QRArts; John Puterbaugh, Nellymoser; Michael Ferrare, Agency Magma; Daniele Romeo, mediaKi.it; Vincent Jansen and Jesse Wynants, Likify; and myself.

Although Microsoft was the key sponsor behind the report, PSFK does a fair job of including examples which make use of QR Codes. If you are new to mobile tags, also referred to as 2D barcodes, know that Microsoft has developed their own proprietary mobile tag platform known as Microsoft Tag. QR Code, on the other hand, is an open source mobile tag or 2D barcode.

Reports such as this not only help spread the word about mobile tags and 2D barcodes within the business community, but it also helps illustrate the key elements which are needed in a mobile tag or 2D barcode campaign to make it a success.

(Thank you PSFK.)

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  1. I'm the community manager for Microsoft Tag and I just wanted to reach out to let you know I'm always available to chat about our mobile tagging solution and answer any questions. The PSFK report does a great job showing different implementations of this technology and I wanted to see if you or other in the community here has any other additional ideas how mobile tagging can be implemented (either creative ideas you would like to see or implementations that you've done already)

    love to get feedback on mobile tagging overall.