2D Barcode Opportunity Missed

In the latest issue of TIME magazine, there is an interesting article that discusses a new and different type of highway entrance/exit system, which has been shown to reduce accidents. In the article, a long URL (time.com/diverging_diamond) is provided which links to a video showing how the entrance/exit system works. What a great opportunity to provide a 2D barcode, so that a reader of the magazine can instantly connect to the video, in addition to other TIME content.

Since TIME already uses QR Codes to promote feature stories or sections of the magazine, as well as its mobile app, why not supplement articles throughout the magazine with barcodes as a means to provide more in-depth information about specific topics? Granted, not every reader has a smartphone, but if the trend is that more and more people are getting smartphones then why not, as the investment industry says, let the trend be your friend and make more use of 2D barcodes? For readers who don't have smartphones, they can still key in the URL provided, or maybe a SMS code could be provided to make keying that much easier.

If the cost to generate, manage, track and print 2D barcodes is relatively inexpensive, why not take advantage of the technology, and offer the potential for a more enhanced experience for your readership? Just asking the question.

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