2D Barcode Publicity

For companies that make use of 2D barcode technology for advertising or promotional purposes, especially if 1) this is their first time to do so, and/or 2) they are the first company in their industry or local market to do so, and/or 3) the campaign and its offering is different or of great significance, why not publicize the fact through a press release and make some news/buzz for the campaign, as well as for the company, brand and product itself?

Here's an example...the other week, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hit the newsstands but, a few days prior, I was tipped off by someone involved with the campaign and was shown a copy of a corporate press release. While this was not the first time SI used 2D technology in the Swimsuit Issue, it was the first time they used Microsoft Tags, and it was certainly a campaign of substance with respect to the mobile website and mobile app that was created, which enabled individuals to read about and vote for their favorite swimsuit model via their mobile device. Additionally, this year's campaign was different in that a major advertiser in the publication also made use of 2D technology in their multi-page advertisement. Once the press release was distributed, it was easy to see via social networking sites like Twitter how the release started to drive the conversation and raise the interest level among people who follow the 2D space, in addition to the average consumer.

A word of caution...as with most any press release, the release needs to be newsworthy and of some significance in order for it to be picked up and paid attention to by the media. If a company does not bring their "A game" to the 2D advertising or promotion campaign table then it makes little sense to draw media attention to it. Better to sit one out and try the next time because, as is often the case, the media will not continually write about the same company and the same subject matter time and time again.

When properly developed and executed, a public relations campaign will almost certainly help to reinforce and attract attention to a 2D advertisement or promotional campaign, which, the last time I checked, most any marketer would desire.


  1. Great advice, Roger! We're going to take it!

  2. Bill: Thank you. Glad to hear.