Jenn-Air uses QR Code

The other day, I was reading through the latest issue of Architectural Digest and came across this clever advertisement from Jenn-Air. What you can't tell from the image below is that the oven shown in the ad is really a die-cut card which is adhered to the page and is meant to be removed. The idea is that the reader removes the card and holds it in front of them with one eye closed, and envisions what their kitchen would look like with the Jenn-Air oven. (The only copy on the page explains how this should be done.)

What gets even more interesting about the advertisement is that when the card is removed and turned over, it reveals a QR Code along with a very well written call to action and set of code scan instructions (see image below). When the code is scanned, the reader is brought to a YouTube video page, but this is where what could have been a model 2D barcode advertisement quickly falls apart.

The video is a 44-second commercial showcasing the Jenn-Air oven featured in the ad. At the end of the video, the reader of the ad is left nowhere. No going back to a mobile site home page and no going forward to claim a mCoupon, view a list of local dealers, view a product fact sheet, view interesting recipes, view an interview with a celebrity chef who endorses the oven, view product reviews, etc., etc. What could have continued to be a fun, interesting and interactive way to learn about and shop for an oven never materializes.

To know that it cost north of $100K for the ad space alone, and that the 2D and mobile portions of the ad were not as fully developed as they could have been, I wonder if Jenn-Air will realize the ROI that was projected for the campaign and if their objectives are met.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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