New 2D Barcode Reader Assistant

Warbasse Design, the multimedia firm known for their designer 2D barcodes and the Who's Who in the 2D Barcode Industry directory, has just released 2DGO, a mobile app which helps users find and select the best 2D barcode reader app for their mobile device.

When the app is launched, the user's mobile device is automatically detected and, from there, the user can select one of three buttons: QR Code and Data Matrix, Alternate Formats and 2D Barcode Identifier.

QR Code and Data Matrix 
In this section, the user will be shown a list of QR Code and Data Matrix (i.e., open source codes) reader apps that are compatible with the mobile device that was detected. For example, with my HTC Incredible, I was given the following choice: ZXing Team, ScanLife, Mobile Tag, i-nigma and NeoReader code reader apps. When the user touches on the reader app icon, they are brought to a page that enables them to download and install the app. Currently, all apps that are recommended by 2DGO are free. 

Alternate Formats
In this section, the user will be shown a list of code reader apps that will detect and read the following proprietary 2D Barcodes: BeeTag, Microsoft Tag, ScanLife ezCode and WiMO. Again, touch an icon and the user will be brought to a page to download and install the code reader app.

2D Barcode Identifier
An individual can use this section to help identify a 2D barcode that he/she has seen in the market, but cannot recognize the code type. Listed in this section are icons of the more popular 2D barcodes being used and, once the code in question has been identified, the user can download and install the corresponding code reader app. The 2D barcodes that are listed include: BeeTag, Blotcode, Dandelion, Data Matrix, JAGTAG, Microsoft Tag, QR Code, ScanLife ezCode, ShotCode and WiMO Marker.

As much as Warbasse Design intends to help individual users find their way to the right 2D barcode reader app, the company plans to promote and offer the 2DGO app to advertisers, as well. Here, the idea is that an advertiser can reference the app in a 2D barcode based advertisement, as a means to help the reader of the ad know what code reader app will work best. Lastly, 2DGO also gives advertisers the option and ability to private label the app and, from a brand management perspective, this may be useful and beneficial.


  1. Seems like a lot of work?

    There are mobile URLs that auto-detect and can direct user to a quick Reader download, such as:




    Thought it's not quite as intuitive and quick.

    Download an app, to download an app, to scan a code? When, any Android or iPhone app store can get you there faster? Sorry, lost me on that one.

  2. Anonymous: The following comes from Philip Warbasse, the developer of 2DGO.

    @Anonymous: Let me help you find yourself.

    The links you offer don't really compare to the approach that 2DGO takes to address this important step in the user experience.

    1.) 2DGO is on the mobile web. It is not a download.

    2.) 2DGO facilitates downloads of the best readers to your device automatically.

    3.) 2DGO supports Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Opera, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC and Orange.

    4.) 2DGO is offered in white label.

    5.) 2DGO has had over 60,000 thousand unique visitors since it launched in January of 2011. The platform has served more than 35,000 downloads.

    6.) I-nigma is the most downloaded reader to date.

    Now that you are on the right path, use 2DGO yourself. It's free and we know you'll love it.

    Philip Warbasse and the team at 2DGO

  3. AnonymousMay 11, 2011

    it won't read my Palm so it won't give me an option to download...it takes me straight to the website

  4. Anonymous: Perhaps contact 2DGO directly. I would think Palm devices would work with the app.