2D Barcode Reader App Popularity

For any number of reasons, companies, agencies and research analysts want to know how many times a particular 2D barcode reader app has been downloaded by consumers. While I wish these people luck in obtaining that information, because I am most certain the various app providers have it under lock and key, I thought to look at this issue from a slightly different angle.

Using Alexa, I entered the download page URL for a number of popular code reader apps into Alexa's search function and got ranking numbers for each page. The ranks are based on the times a page has been visited over a certain amount of time and are focused on U.S. activity only. The results below list the name of the code reader app provider and the page's rank (#1 being the highest).
  1. Kaywa: 4,787
  2. ScanLife: 18,683
  3. BeeTag: 46,308  
  4. Microsoft Tag: 107,842
  5. NeoReader: 140,388
  6. i-nigma: 693,849
Granted, these rankings don't tell us how many app downloads have taken place, but it does illustrate which code reader app may be more popular than another and, by virtue of that popularity, which code reader app may have been downloaded more times than another.

While this information may not be earth shattering, it is surprising to see that a company like Kaywa, which is very small and virtually unknown in the U.S., tops the list, and a "dominant" player like Microsoft ranks fourth. Additionally, it's interesting to see that QR Code reader apps hold higher ranks than the Tag Reader app, so for all of the media attention and buzz Tag gets, are people really running to get the app?

Not a scientific or sophisticated study of the code reader app landscape but, as I say, maybe just a different perspective on what people are trying to figure out and are interested in knowing.

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  1. I think what you've chosen is an imperfect proxy for app downloads, let alone active usage. Might be worth asking the good folks at Localytics for some insights. Also, recent TC post quotes Redlaser at 9M downloads, which I'm pretty sure puts it far and away above anything else on iPhone.