Jeffrey Fashion uses JAGTAG

Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2011 launched a print advertisement in The New York Times, which features a JAGTAG.

When the reader of the ad follows the code scan instructions provided, they will receive two response emails. The first response email reads, "Click the link for your Jeffrey Fashion Cares slideshow! http://bit.ly/ep7q8n. To buy tickets for this year’s event and for more pictures and video go to: www.jeffreyfashioncares.org. The second response email reads, "To buy tickets for the event this year and for more pictures and video go to www.jeffreyfashioncares.org. If you want to receive exclusive updates, please reply to this message with this code: JFC2011."

Clicking on the shortened URL brings the reader to a slide show that consists of eight slides. Yes, only eight, two of which don't even show much of anything. Clicking on the main URL address brings the reader to the organization's main website and provides additional information, photos and tickets, just as the response email indicates. Question, why send two emails only two minutes apart? What's the strategy there? Why not one today and a follow-up, reminder type of message in a day or two? (Note: I did not bother taking the additional step of replying to the second response email to receive exclusive updates.) 

Nothing here speaks of a mobile experience or engagement, as there is no mobile content or website, nor is there any sense of urgency to purchase a ticket, attend the event and support the cause. As I am very familiar with the Intrepid Museum, the venue for the event, I find it surprising that there isn't more to show readers of the ad how unique it is that a fashion show be held on a vintage aircraft carrier. But maybe that's me and my love of the museum.

To know there are certain best practices for non-profit marketing, they should not go out the door just because a 2D barcode might be used in a campaign or as a strategy. Although I am curious to know if 2D barcodes will be used during the event itself, I believe I can guess the answer. How about you?

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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