QR Code Advertising

Just a quick mid-day post.

This morning, I happened to Google the term "QR Code Generator" and was surprised to see that both Microsoft and AT&T purchased ad space on the results page.

Strange, last I knew Microsoft's platform only offered the ability to generate its own proprietary code known as Tag, and AT&T's platform only offered the ability to generate Data Matrix codes. I hope the people who clicked on the ads are not too upset when they realize that neither company has anything to do with, and does not offer the ability to generate, QR Codes.

Here are the ad listings:

Microsoft Tag
Connect Real Life And The Digital World With Microsoft Tag Barcoding.

Solutions For Creating High Quality Mobile Barcode Campaigns From AT&T

Talk about providing a poor customer experience, this one starts at the very onset.


  1. :-D Rolling around! Nice pick-up, Roger - strike 1... for open source, when will they ever learn?

  2. Paul and Matthias: Thank you for the comments. Death throes might be a bit much, but it wreaks of desperation to me...especially for AT&T.

  3. IDK, whomever are running Adwords for Microsoft and ATT are probably low, low level Interns or entry-level hires who don't have a clue about, well, anything. If they check their Adwords stats and see they have a certain click-through rate, they keep them. If not, they revise.

    I sincerely doubt anyone at any management level within either company is aware of this or would necessarily care? Buying up Adwords on competitor's spaces has been a practice for sometime, largely because you get a good click through rates.

    Recognizing that the public or even marketers don't distinguish between QR, 2D or other barcode platforms, and where QR is becoming a term like Kleenex, buying up a piece of real estate on a QR search page is either cautionary or aggressive, but, I don't read it as desperate.

  4. either way, the different formats create mass confusion for the general public and slows the progression off a very useful technology. I personally stand behind the original QR code and have removed all these other apps from my Android. I still have my Ipod, and never even considered a Zune.

    -Cody Thomas