American Slide Chart/Perrygraf uses Microsoft Tag

American Slide Chart/Perrygraf, a designer of specialized dimensional tools (i.e., slide charts, wheels, etc.), recently launched this direct mail campaign, which features a Microsoft Tag, or is it a QR Code?

Great that the company wants to make use of 2D technology and add to the products and services that they can offer but, in reading the promotional copy, the company gets it very wrong. The copy reads, "Your dimensional can instantly link your customers to your online content! Just ask about imprinting these special QR codes on your next dimensional tool." Great if the code being referenced on the mailer was a QR Code, but it's not, it's a Microsoft Tag. Whoops.

An honest mistake, sure. But what happens when a reader of the mailer attempts to locate, download and launch a QR Code reader app to scan the Tag...nothing. Marketing and creative teams must ensure the proper naming of the 2D barcode used in a campaign, or they stand a chance of really confusing people and slowing down adoption. Also, at a minimum, they need to provide some instructions and descriptions surrounding the code. For instance, the company does not even mention where to find the Tag Reader app, so without help here and by misnaming the code, most likely readers of the mailer will be totally lost. 

Scanning the Tag on the mailer brings the business consumer (this is a B2B campaign) to the company's main website. Why? Why not bring people to the landing page that is referenced on the mailer: http://www.americanperrygraf.com/expandedideabook (talk about a long URL). After all, that's what 2D is all about...enriching the experience, quickening the experience, simplifying the experience. Remember the platform is mobile, not the desktop.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL   

(Thank you, Chris)


  1. Thank you, Roger, for your always-insightful commentary (even when you're pointing out ways we can improve)! Our focus groups echoed your reaction to our initial test mailer: while many folks have ramped up quickly on 2D technology, and saw what we were driving at, others have no idea what that little symbol implies.

    Our newer mailers aim to remedy this issue by offering our "QR Codes & MS Smart Tags How-To HotSheet," designed to clear up confusion and get recipients up to speed quickly on this amazing technology (email newdimensions@americanperrygraf.com). Our goal is to help spread the word while helping customers market as effectively as possible. Thank you for the very astute insight you always provide!

  2. Marybeth: Thank you for the comments and update.