The Santa Monica Museum of Art uses QR Code

The Santa Monica Museum of Art has launched a new campaign to help promote the museum's annual fund raising event, Incognito, which will be held April 30, 2011. Featured in the campaign is a designer QR Code, which has been developed by Print2D, a Warbasse Design company.

When the code is scanned, the reader is linked to a mobile website, which has the following touch points/sections: 30-second YouTube video, About, Tickets & Information, Sponsors, and Contact & Directions. Also included are Facebook and Twitter icons, which enable the reader to easily share content found on the mobile site with his/her social network. The layout and design of the mobile website could not be any simpler or more straightforward, which lends itself to a decent 2D experience. 

Always interested in social and cultural causes, Philip Warbasse, the founder of Print 2D and the design firm that bears his name, wants to help other museums and galleries across the country generate awareness and raise attendance levels so, during the month of April, he is currently offering to create a designer QR Code and a mobile contact page for free. The offer includes six months of mobile hosting and full access to user statistics. If you represent a museum or gallery and wish to learn more, contact Philip at 310.883.4258.

Although I was unable to see the advertisement that the QR Code and mobile site are linked to, I can say that from the scan resolve perspective this campaign delivers just what it is supposed to. If, however, the campaign was not for the museum's annual fund raiser and was instead geared towards driving regular museum attendance then, perhaps, some sort of ticket discount or special offer should have been offered.

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