Sprayway uses QR Code

Sprayway, a manufacturer of household cleaning products, ran this coupon offer in last week's local Sunday newspaper. Great that the company is offering $1.00 off for consumers to try the product, but less than great is the placement of the QR Code and the mobile experience that transpires.

Look where the QR Code is placed, right next to two UPC codes. Without any instructions or a description about the code, how are consumers to discern the difference between the QR Code and the UPC codes? In reality, I guess it does not matter that much, because all the QR Code does is resolve to the desktop version of the company's website anyway.

There is plenty of interesting and useful content on the desktop site that could easily populate and help build out a mobile version but, for whatever reason, the company has chosen to do what so many others have done...use the mobile platform to push out desktop content and images.

As an aside, note to Sprayway's marketing/creative team, you might wish to rethink the way you offer the "Find a Store" feature on your website, as there are ways of allowing a consumer to enter a zip code and voila a list of local stores appears. Also, something strange happens when the company's blog is accessed, an error page appears instead. To consider these items in broader and more strategic terms, companies need to pay attention to the customer/user experience, on every level, now more than ever before. Failure to do so will only hinder the building of long lasting customer relationships and product sales.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


  1. Retailers seem convinced that the code is more important than the digital destination and user experience. The code is meaningless without a worthwhile consumer experience.

  2. Chuck: Agreed, but they are not even a retailer...any CPG company needs to and should know this re: customer experience/digital destination.