Zonin Prosecco uses QR Code

Zonin, vintner of Prosecco sparkling wine, has launched a new campaign in Gotham magazine, which features a QR Code.

The ad is visually stunning, and I would expect nothing less from an advertisement placed in such an upscale magazine as Gotham, but it's a shame that the company put more effort into letting readers of the ad know how to connect through Facebook and Twitter, by providing the URL for each, then through the prominently displayed QR Code. But then, with no real content behind the code other than a 1:11 self-promotional YouTube video which leads to, you guessed it, nothing, perhaps it's best that no call to action, description or instructions are associated with the code.

Or maybe the company believes that its target audience already knows how to scan a 2D code and no description or instructions are needed, which is fine, but does it not register with Zonin that the people in the target audience may want more than just a video to look at? How about providing a store locator, a food pairing guide, a drinks recipe guide, information about Prosecco wines and the region they come from, a history of the company since it dates back to 1821, a contest to win a trip to Italy, etc.? You know, something of real value?

To know that the company spent about $20,000 just to place the ad, why not make the additional investment, not expense, but investment, into building out a mobile website that's linked to the code and making certain that the ad, in its entirety, is as meaningful and useful as possible?

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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  1. Would be interesting to do a survey of those who've been heavy QR early adopters and whether they are starting to slack off in their scanning?

    Some ratio must be at play with regard to the more QR codes appear (which resolve to garbage) the less frequent scanning becomes?

    Seems that's the fly in the ointment at this point? Makes me wonder if QR will self destruct with the constant #FAILs they deliver?

    Not to be rude, but I think that those in the print industry need to stop promoting QR codes unless they have a mobile expert on-board as well.