Glamour Magazine Announces use of SnapTag

Recently, Glamour magazine announced the use of SnapTags in its upcoming September issue. SnapTags work like QR Codes and Microsoft Tags in that they link consumers between the printed world and the digital world but, instead of instantly making the link, consumers need to take a picture of the SnapTag, email or text it to a special address and then wait for a reply email which contains a link to the intended content. A circuitous process, yes, but theoretically any mobile device with a camera can be used to access the content.

The idea behind the use of the SnapTags is that they will be placed in a variety of advertisements throughout the issue and, when a reader scans a tag, which triggers a "like" on Facebook, they will be rewarded with a special offer. Through this campaign, Glamour hopes to help advertisers in the issue raise their social media status/presence and advertisers that get involved hope to raise product awareness and sales.  


  1. Nick DavisMay 03, 2011

    Not sure I understand why Glamour would choose this tech over QR or MST. Are the other services unable to trigger the "like" feature? I can see no reason to go with yet another format...especially one that is so far behind the others in awareness. I mean do we REALLY need another format? Unless there's something that SL can accomplish that the others can't???

  2. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    In fairness, SpyderLink have been around quite a long time, certainly, prior to MS Tag. They were a predecessor to JagTag (similar server side resolve tech) if I remember correctly. Therefore, as veterans they deserve a bit of kudos, particularly for hanging in there as the competition swarmed in.

    Now, to the heart of the matter: The obsession with "Likes" or FB-anything? It's been proven to be a zero-return game, yet marketers can't let go of it. Brands really derive little or no value through all of the time and effort they spend on Facebook, but they remain transfixed.

    Asking a consumer to take 2 minutes of their time to issue a "Like" (it's one thing online, it's another with a server side resolve)???? It's insulting to consumers.

    I do have to wonder if Conde Naste decided MS Tag didn't get the the numbers they wanted so they tried a non-Reader solution? How very 2009 of them.

  3. Nick DavisMay 04, 2011

    Thanks for the response. I agree- you have to appreciate SLs staying power. But I don't think this is circa '09 tech. I think you need to download the app (only at iPhone store) per the "snaptag" above. Hence the new format question.

  4. Hi Roger,
    I met Nicole, the Founder and CEO of Spyderlink last week at the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit last week, and they have indeed been around for about 4 years.

    She gave a good presentation, but at the end I thought, Hum? another 2D barcode technology with no real benefit over what's already in play. They do have some good analytics, but like MS tag you have to download a proprietary app (iPhone only). You can do the photo/email/response/link thing, but I agree, who wants to do all of that when there are better, more elegant solutions available?

  5. Allan:

    How long the company has been around for is immaterial, as my post was really about the campaign that Glamour plans to implement.