U.S. Postal Service uses QR Code

For the past couple of months, the U.S. Postal Service has been running this print advertisement, which features a QR Code. The ad promotes the USPS's priority mail flat rate shipping option and ties in with other marketing channels, namely television. 

If there is to be a model for how to properly develop and implement a 2D campaign this would be one of them. From the call to action to the descriptive/instructional copy to the simple-to-use mobile website that's linked to the code, the USPS has thoroughly thought this campaign through and offers consumers, as well as businesses, an easy way to learn more about, and experience, the priority mailing option.

The one comment I do have about the campaign is that on the mobile website the contact form defaults to "at work" and not "at home." If a consumer skips this step they might not realize why an error message keeps coming up saying that "some fields are missing required data." A radio button or check box for the at home/at company option should have been considered.

On another note, you may find this campaign from the USPS of interest, it's called the 2011 Mobile Barcode Promotion.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

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