Delta Does 2D Barcodes Right

Delta, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures company, recently launched a print campaign featuring a QR Code.

From the printed page to the mobile page, Delta gets it right. To begin, in the print ad, the company instructs readers to "scan the QR code or visit deltafaucet.com/touchbath" to learn more about their new Touch2O line of faucets. Could there have been a more powerful call to action, sure, but at least the company placed one in the ad. Also, it's thoughtful that a URL address is provided in case the scan does not work, or the reader of the ad does not have a smartphone. 
When the QR Code is scanned, the reader is brought to a mobile website that provides a great deal of product specifications, as well as information on where to locate and purchase products. What I like most about the mobile website is the way the company has made use of a product image at the very top of the page. This image matches the one in the print ad and on it are little red dots that, when touched, provide additional product information via pop-up windows. Although there are product videos available on the mobile site, by using the red dotted faucet image, the company provides the reader with a way to immediately interact with the brand and get an idea of how great the faucet's touch technology really is.
As with the call to action, a greater incentive could have been used to lure readers into a store or to purchase product online (e.g., a discount coupon, rebate, etc.), but this is more of an issue with the overall advertisement, as opposed to the use of 2D technology.

Lastly, I noticed that the company has placed a QR Code on its main website, and instructs consumers to scan the code or send a text in order to view the company's mobile site. Whether consumers actually take the time to do this is one thing but, for virtually no cost, the company has provided yet another way by which a consumer can interact and engage with the brand. And, last I heard, this was not such a terrible thing.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

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  1. Odd, I saw this same ad in ReadyMade last night and the QR is badly formatted. They left 2 spaces at the end, and none of the QR apps I tried could resolve it without me manually removing the bad characters.

    Here's the URL that was printed: