Naples News Story on 2D Barcodes - A Response

The other day, an article appeared in the Naples News about QR Codes and Microsoft Tags and, as informative and positive as the article was on 2D technology, there was one sentence written in the article that I would like to focus on. The sentence reads, "If you are wondering what the businesses are gaining from you scanning their codes, it is only publicity." To the author of the article, Johanna Somers, I believe your assessment of what companies stand to gain is a bit narrow-minded. Please allow me to explain.

When companies create and execute a well-thought out 2D-based campaign, they should be able to, among other things, 1) gain a greater understanding of who their prospective and/or existing clients are via scan metrics, 2) allow consumers to qualify themselves as prospective buyers, 3) raise brand/product/service engagement, interaction and awareness, 4) generate word of mouth promotion and build social network interaction, 5) deliver to the consumer what they may want and/or need in a particular moment and, last but not least, 6) drive overall product/service sales.

Ms. Somers, how and why you have been led to believe that publicity is the only thing a company stands to gain by using 2D technology I have no idea. Sure publicity, good or bad, hangs in the balance for most any form of advertising and promotion, 2D or otherwise, but I can assure you that companies look to gain much more than just publicity. In fact, publicity is probably the one item that many companies don't recognize and capitalize on when it comes to using 2D technology, but that's for another article altogether.

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