Tom's of Maine uses Microsoft Tag

Tom's of Maine, the all-natural toothpaste company, recently launched a full-page print ad that features a Microsoft Tag.

The company does a good job informing the reader of the ad about how to scan the Tag, where to download the Tag reader app and what the Tag will resolve to but, as we have seen a countless number of times, the code leads straight to a You Tube video and nothing more.  

For two minutes, the reader of the ad is "stuck" watching a video which features singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow and, at the very end of the video, there is no link to the company's website, a list of local retailers, a mCoupon to motivate a trial purchase, etc., etc. Also, it's not until about half way through the video does Ms. Crow actually even mention the Tom's of Maine brand name, but that's an issue all its own.

The creative team that developed the ad is certainly trying to make the piece as cross channel as possible (i.e., mobile, desktop, Facebook, etc.), but I wonder if too much is going on, meaning there's quantity but not quality in the message being sent.

Bottom line, there is no real value or benefit being delivered to the reader of the ad via the Tag and there certainly could be. Another missed opportunity.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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