Sunbrella uses QR Code

Sunbrella, the manufacturer of premium outdoor fabrics and upholstery, recently launched this print campaign,  which features a QR Code.

When the code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is brought to a mobile website (how refreshing), which is rather well thought out. On the mobile site, a consumer can: learn how to clean the fabric, where to buy the fabric, view a fabric image gallery and read about designer perspectives. As much as the mobile website serves its purpose (i.e., providing basic product and company information), I believe the company could have gone down the value delivery path a bit further. Not that any and all 2D-based advertisements need to provide a free lunch, but if the point of advertising is to captivate an audience and move that captive audience further along in the purchase decision process, why not offer something of significant value and/or benefit, call it an incentive if you will? Why not offer a person who scans the QR Code a dollar amount off the purchase of something, anything, Sunbrella? Or, since the company is all about outdoors, why not offer an outdoor home accessory of some kind, based on a Sunbrella purchase?

The thought here is to make the code scanning experience that much more remarkable, intriguing, exciting, etc., so that the person scanning the code 1) becomes that much more interested in the product being advertised and 2) wishes to tells others in their social network about the company, the product and, just as importantly, the experience in and of itself. To this last point, one item I did not notice on the mobile site was a way for a reader of the ad to easily share the mobile website's content via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Social sharing and email widgets should be part of most every mobile site. 

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

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