Creative Nail Design uses QR Code

Creative Nail Design launched this print advertisement using a QR Code and nails it, somewhat (sorry about the pun). 

When a reader of the advertisement scans the QR Code, they are linked to a web page that lists all of the certified nail salons in the local area that stock the company's Shellac line of nail polish. While it's great to provide such information for a person on-the-go, the problem is that if this person wanted to learn any more about the product or the company they would have to navigate the desktop version of the company's website. Not an ideal scenario.

Getting back to the code displayed in the ad, the caption next to it reads, "Find A Certified Shellac Salon in NYC." I like the way the company uses the term 'certified' as a means to elevate the thought of getting a mani-pedi and the status of their brand, but who knows what constitutes certification. The company also lists a URL address next to the code for those that don't have a smartphone and can't scan the code. This is a wise move and considered a best practice.

Could more value have been offered, yes (e.g., first time purchase discount, etc.), but I believe a quick list of where to find a 'certified' nail salon in the local neighborhood is value in and of itself.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

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