Kroll uses QR Code

This B2B print advertisement, which features a QR Code, comes from Kroll, the risk consulting company. With a simple "Ask us about..." call-to-action and nothing ground-breaking in the way of scan resolve content, this campaign delivers very little to the target audience (if there is one) and, I assume, will accomplish even less for the marketers at Kroll.

When the code resolves, the reader of the advertisement is linked to the desktop version of the company's website, and the headline on the page reads, "You are being redirected to our special content on Cyber Risk." Sounds great but, in actuality, the reader gets redirected to nowhere and is left on the page. So, where's the special content? Is Kroll referring to the content in the left-hand margin? Your guess is as good as mine.

Judging from this campaign, and other 2D-based B2B campaigns, it seems as though the B2B world is having a difficult time figuring out how to use 2D technology effectively and why? Why should a B2B marketer believe that just because 2D technology is being used all B2B marketing fundamentals go out the window? In this campaign, there is no sales lead generation or prospect qualifying component whatsoever. So, what does Kroll look to gain from this advertisement? Why not offer a white paper and have people enter an email address to obtain it? Why not offer a webinar on cyber risk and ask people to sign up, so an email can be captured? Why not offer a discount on purchases made within the next 30 days? Something, anything to capture prospect names and build the sales team's pipeline.

Yeah, the code looks pretty cool being placed in the advertisement, but too bad it's more about the 2D/mobile experience and scan resolve content and less about appearance and last-minute creative ideas. 

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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