Score One for the Home Team...Microsoft uses Tag

This print advertisement for Microsoft's Office 365 makes use of what else, a Microsoft Tag, and does so rather well. Located in the lower left-hand corner of the advertisement is a black and white Tag, and next to the Tag is instructional copy and a simple call-to-action, which reads, "Scan tag with a smartphone to learn about the Office 365 free trial. Download the free scanner app at http://gettag.mobi."

When the Tag is scanned, the resolve leads to a mobile web page, which has an email form that can be filled out to request a free one month trail of the application. A simple yet effective B2B sales lead generation tactic. Additionally, the site offers product information and reviews via tabs which are titled: blog, news stories, stories and social (seems like stories and social link to the same information).

Overall, there is nothing complicated about this campaign, especially from the 2D/mobile experience, and it works just fine. I would be interested in hearing from Microsoft, as to how many scans were done versus the number of people that requested the free trial. I am also curious to know if and how they may be testing this campaign (i.e., making use of other offers, call-to-actions, colored Tags vs. black and white, etc.).

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

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  1. Wow! Props to the Home team. There isn't a more discerning eye when it comes to 2D barcode campaigns than yours, Roger! A "Pass" on this blog is a big accomplishment :)

    Nick Martin
    Online Community Manager
    Microsoft Tag