Making a Statement with a Lego QR Code - A Reply

Last week, I read an article about QR Codes in the "Opinion"section of a well-regarded marketing/advertising blog, and there was one statement in the article that I would like to discuss, because I believe many people seem to make the same mistake and often site this as the reason why QR Codes will never become mainstream.

In the article, Bethany Simpson, the author writes, "I wish QR codes were being used in cooler ways. They have the potential to be very entertaining and sticky. But few companies are doing it right. (Granted, there's not a universal QR code reader. And other problems.)." Question to Ms. Simpson, what exactly do you mean by "a universal QR Code reader?" Are you referring to the fact that there are dozens and dozens of QR Code reader apps on the market, as opposed to just one? Or, are you referring to the fact that a QR Code reader cannot universally detect and scan all 2D barcodes (e.g., QR Codes, Microsoft Tag, SnapTag, Data Matrix, etc.)?

If you are referring to the magnitude of QR Code reader apps on the market, in essence they can all read QR Codes. Granted, some might scan better or easier than others and offer slightly different functionality, but the idea is that they can all handle QR Codes in a universal sense. If you are referring to having one QR Code reader app that can universally read all types of 2D barcodes then you should know that Nellymoser recently announced their Universal Action Code Scanner. This app, the first of its kind, enables consumers to scan QR Codes, Microsoft Tags and some others, all from the same reader app.

Regardless of how many and exactly what kind of reader apps that are on the market and/or preloaded on mobile devices, the successful and effective use of 2D technology really boils down to the value and benefit that is delivered via the code/campaign/experience, and that the mobile experience is optimized from end to end. 

Ms. Simpson, with all due respect, I fail to see the point you are trying to make regarding a universal QR Code reader, and I am unclear as to how your entire article really serves as an opinion piece. Care to clarify?

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