Microsoft Tag used by Bose

Recently, Bose, the audio products and technology company, launched this print campaign, which features a Microsoft Tag. Could it be, two campaigns in a row that are worthy of a Litmus Test Pass?

When the reader of the advertisement scans the Tag, they are linked to a mobile website and are brought directly to the product page for the product shown in the advertisement, a Bluetooth headset. On the product page, the reader can purchase the product right there and then, read a detailed product overview, view product features, see what else comes in the box, review manuals and owner information and learn about other accessories. From the mobile site in general, the reader of the advertisement can also find a store, access the main website and access customer support. Wow! Go figure, some thought actually went into this campaign.

The mobile website that Bose developed should serve as a model for most other consumer product companies making use of 2D technology, and the only comment/suggestion that I have is to add customer product reviews and widgets to enable social sharing.

With respect to the Tag itself, the call-to-action ("Scan to learn more") could have been a bit stronger and some descriptive copy could have gone with the Tag, but at least a mobile URL is given, as is a 1-888 telephone number. Also, perhaps a purchase incentive could have been offered, as it is on other product pages.

Overall, a well done campaign and certainly a contender for the prestigious Best 2D Barcode Campaign of 2011 Award, which will be announced in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS

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  1. Not sure what's the deal here, but I'm getting Bose's desktop site.