A Must Read For Companies Interested In 2D Barcodes

A few days ago, Nellymoser announced the release of their latest piece of 2D barcode research, which is titled "Mobile Action Codes in Advertising."

The research is based on a survey of the top 100 magazines in the U.S. and the analysis of every advertisement that was placed in those publications during Q3 2011.* In conducting this research, Nellymoser scanned every QR Code, Microsoft Tag, SnapTag, BEE Tag, JagTag and Digimarc watermark that was found with an iPhone or Android device, and activated every campaign, ran every video and visited every scan resolve page. This continues to be the most comprehensive study of 2D barcodes that I have yet to see, as the company provides updates quarterly. For those individuals or companies who may be interested in making use of 2D technology, there is a great deal of strategic and tactical information, insight and suggestions that are provided in the research, and it should not be missed.

Thank you Nellymoser for such thoughtful, and time consuming, work.

*Nellymoser limited the study to monthly issues readily available on newsstands nationally. This eliminated publications that require a membership, such as AARP magazine, as well as some regional titles. In most cases, Nellymoser subscribed to the magazine. For the purposes of this study, Nellymoser refers to this list of magazines as the Top 100.

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